Hulk out on the Xbox

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Hulk out on the Xbox

Postby Monster on Mon Aug 29, 2005 10:43 am

I've been playing Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction all weekend. I'm really impressed. It's a mission-based free-roaming game with two maps, a big city and a desert canyon with a small town and a military base. Hulk can jump super far, run super fast, run up walls, throw tanks around by their turrets, etc.

It's crazy fast action at times. For instance, you could be jumping from rooftop to rooftop, while flying mechs and helicopters chase you, jump onto a helicopter, kick it at another helicopter, jump onto the side of a building, then do a flying elbow drop from 30 stories onto a tank on the streets below, all in one smooth motion. The controls are about as good as can be, and Hulk has tons of great moves he can do, like airdashes, combos, juggles, throws, etc. He can even pick up things and "weaponize" them, like he can pick up a car and make metal boxing gloves, or pick up a truck and use it as a shield/boomerang projectile. He can even deflect or catch-and-throw incoming missiles.

I thought Spider-Man 2 was an awesome free-roaming superhero game, but this one puts it to shame. Not only is it easier (and faster!) to get around town as The Hulk, the action is also much better and totally frenetic. When you've got 4 flying mechs, another mech that's bigger than The Hulk, 2 tanks, a missile tank, 4 little ground infantry with rocket launchers, and 3 helicopters coming at you at once, it makes Spider-Man look like a total wuss when he's barely able to handle 4 thugs. I really can't stress enough how much this game makes you feel like you're playing out a badass action scene from a movie. Makes for a great rental.
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