Chess Nerf (Stoleit from somewhere but thought it was funny)

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Chess Nerf (Stoleit from somewhere but thought it was funny)

Postby DarkViruz on Sun Dec 04, 2005 1:15 pm

Is it me or is the game of chess getting stale?

I'd like a content update.

I'm not satisfied with the knight class. I find it's moves awkward. While, I think the queen class is way over powered. Pawns are way underpowered and I think they should have at least the same moves as a bishop or rook.

Also, I don't find it fair that any piece can take any piece on the board. Please implement a few safe spots where I can leave my king while I run to 7/11 and get a pack of smokes.

On the bright side, I do like the RvR combat, but every one wants to play on the black side. I think the white side and black side should have different moves.

I guess I just like checkers better.... maybe if you made the game more like checkers more people would play.

If this isn't in the right forum please move it, I was a little confused.

Off a DnL forum but I guess it applies to any MMO.
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