360 version a ways off, but should allow play with PC...

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360 version a ways off, but should allow play with PC...

Postby Monster on Thu May 22, 2008 11:03 am

http://www.videogamer.com/pc/age_of_con ... 937-3.html

When will the Xbox 360 version coming out?

JT: Next year. When we launch we are splitting up into three. We have been working on the Xbox for a long time actually. But as we hit the last six months we were like, let's focus on the PC version. That's where we know the market is. We're trailing about a year. No longer than a year. As soon as we launch, stabilise and have everything up and running, all the systems going, we're going to have the live team fixing stuff, speaking with the players, what do you guys want? We have the expansion pack team and then we have an Xbox team. But we're pretty much Guinea pigging our way into the Xbox, just like Microsoft is. We are exploring frontiers on how to deal with the consoles and online games.

Any ideas how it might be different?

JT: It will be the same essence and the same experience. We want for the people who want to do it, we want them to be able to play with their PC friends if they like to. It's not a force thing but we would like that to happen. But obviously the control mechanism, the communication, all this is stuff we are solving on a daily basis. The patching, the install, the footprint, the payment, the servers, the customer service... it's a challenge. But we will get there eventually.

But you intend for it to come out max a year after the PC version?

JT: Yeah, maximum a year. But I don't feel comfortable about promising a date. We've been promising quite a few dates on this one. But you know things happen.
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