My experience in Halo 3 last night was very different...

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My experience in Halo 3 last night was very different...

Postby Monster on Thu Apr 17, 2008 1:48 pm

I haven't really played Halo 3 since CoD4 came out. I'm getting a little tired of pwning fools in there for now, though, so last night I decided to go back to Halo 3. Turns out, since they released the last map pack for free, you can now choose to play Rocket Race as a gametype in matchmaking! Very cool.

Anyway, as I was playing, something unusual happened: first, my teammate friended me and we stayed in a party, then every game we played a new person would join the party and friend me. Eventually we all decided to go into custom games and played some custom gametypes and maps. Also, it sounded like everyone in the party (not including me, of course) was between probably 10 and 16. There was only one loudmouthed punk (sounded like he was 10) but the rest were cool.

It was the first time I've ever played custom games with people I didn't know. Has Halo become this social or is it just that gametype that is social? Even when we were playing Rocket Race, everyone was having a good time and no one was getting angry. Maybe it's because Rocket Race is more fun than competitive... even when you're losing, it's still fun (maybe even more fun since you're likely spending a lot of time being airborne). I'm actually looking forward to playing Halo 3 again. Maybe I can finally start playing custom gametypes regularly like I've been craving all along.
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